Final Stretch

This Friday at DeGolyer we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with the rest of DISD by reading his books out loud in all of the classrooms in the school and after the fun I walked out in the garden to see what we had done and still had to do and was reminded of the Lorax quote-
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
Dr. Seuss, The LoraxThe parents, students, teacher and faculty of DeGolyer are proving that they care a whole awful lot…..

I would like to write something original here instead of my standard gushing about the dedication of our parents and their commitment to our school and children- not to mention the wonderful support of the DISD facilities staff who have helped- I would like to but there is no other way to express how amazing they have all been!

We had another of our Family build days- our fourth and final one on Saturday and a large turn out put the finishing touches on many areas of the garden. We planted the Mexican Feather grass, finished the paths in the vegetable garden, created cold frames to get a jump on the vegetable planting with the students, cleaned and arranged.

 We only have a few details left to take care of over the coming weeks and then we are ready for the dedication March 31! Since the last entry we have also installed two of the triangle benches, stained a labyrinth on the concrete circle and the pergola is starting to take shape.  The daffodils we planted in the fall came up like little cheerleaders encouraging us to keep going- its worth it!

 I will put a special shout out to our Dad’s Club President, Todd Smith who like a elf in the night erected the pergola structure in a blink of an eye. His amazing craftsmanship will be a gift to the students for generations to come- built of cedar this thing is ready for all that Texas has to throw at it. Enjoy the pictures and get ready for some more tweeks and treats between now and the dedication- Saturday March 31 during the DeGolyer Spring Carnival (from 2-5). Hope to see you all there.

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