What Will You Donate This Year?

The most popular auction items are always those donated by our school community members.  Take a moment to think about your own resources, skills and interests:  these are the ingredients that build wonderful items.  Consider donating individually, as a family, and as a part of various groups.  Working together to create and offer special donations is a great way to spend time with the people you like.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what you can donate!

  • Already in Hand:  time in a vacation home; wine in your cellar; event/sporting tickets; artwork; any lovely item you’ve been saving for an opportunity like this.
  • Services:  photography; gardening; home improvement; consulting; dog walking; babysitting; personal training; preparing and delivering gourmet meals or foods
  • Things to Share & Teach:  jam-making; model-building; sports or physical hobbies; computer skills; sailing; guided nature walk; drawing; painting; chemistry/explosion workshop; knitting/sewing/any craft
  • Parties & Socializing:  parties for a group of kids or adults; dinner parties; theme event such as yoga or beading
  • Collaborations:  a cultural event; lessons; services; themed gift baskets or collections of goods; outings; items with a “Dolphin” theme
  • Other Favorites:  artwork; ceramics; jewelry; photography; hand knit apparel

So get your thinking caps on!  Our wonderfully creative and generous community always shines in generating fabulous donations.  Please also consider inviting your friends, relative and places where you do business or have a relationship to donate.  When you are ready to submit your donation please use a donation form that is located in the PTA box outside the office.  For any questions please contact Lori Foster at loridjf @ yahoo.com.

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